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Sunday, February 22, 2015

A New Day

A new day has dawned. The Realm of Magic is one realm once again, though the different fairies live and exist within different provinces. The Core is now a place for fairies of all types of magic, including lightning magic and dead magic, to come and discuss the state of things in the Realm. The lightning fairies want peace, but the Sprites don't seem to be on the same page as everyone else.

The abyss is gone, and that means goblins, skeletons, and every other type of creature imaginable will be free to roam around the Province of the Dead. The fairies have erected protective barriers to cordon off the Province of the Dead and keep those creatures from invading the Province of Light or the Province of Lightning.

So, while things seem to have changed a lot, they are still very much the same. I fear the Realm of Magic will be in a state of constant turmoil. And it will be our job to protect the realm. Thankfully, we've learned we won't have to do it alone...

If you want to see how things have changed in the new, unified Realm of Magic, follow the blog. In the meantime, if you missed Books 1 and 2, check them out on Amazon.

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