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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Windy Mountains

Not to be outdone by the others, I, too, have gone out exploring the Realm of Magic, taking in the windy mountains of the realm. Tucked away in one set of mountains exists a group of wispy wind-like creatures called the jinn. I found them to be a bit creepy. You see, they don't have any body hair to speak of, and their bodies tend to be almost transparent, as if they are not really there. Their heads waver back and forth between being solid and being intangible. It's a bit disconcerting to have a conversation with them because every few seconds they waver back and forth between existing and not.

I've been told that they can will themselves to stay solid when needed - that's how they pick things up and how they fight - but that they actually normally exist in between a solid and gaseous state. They don't really fly so much as they float in their gaseous forms. I'm intrigued by them, not really sure exactly how they exist. But the one thing I've learned since becoming a wizard is not to apply too much logic when it comes to magic. It will drive you insane, trying to force a logical explanation onto something that is purely illogical in nature.

But I have to say, all things considered, I feel a bit vindicated. When I was out flying a long time ago, trying to perfect my magic, I thought I saw something floating through the clouds. I turned, and it was gone. Nikko thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but now I think I may have actually seen one of the jinn. That makes me feel better - and it gave a chance to poke a bit of fun at Nikko at the same time.

You'll have to wait to learn more about the jinn. But if you still haven't read Books 1 and 2, check them out.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Waters of the Realm

Now that we have a bit more time to hang out in the Realm of Magic, I've had more of a chance to spend some time taking in the beautiful blue waters here. They are as pristine as you could ever envision, and they're teaming with life.

Of course, my dragon, Crystal Water lives down in one of the realm's deep seas. It seems she is not alone, though. There's an entire community of water dragons living down there. It's quite incredible.

But not as incredible as the mermaidens, these blue creatures who inhabit the Four Seas. They're various shades of blue, and they have these fins on top of their heads that vary drastically in color. They move so effortlessly through the water. I've never seen anything quite like it. But perhaps the most impressive thing I've learned about them is that they are fierce warriors. One of the water fairies told me they were the fiercest warriors in the entire realm. I spent a little time sparring with Xerxa, their leader, and I have to admit, she whooped me pretty good - though if I would have used my magic it might have ended differently. With mermaidens helping us guard the border with the Province of the Dead, perhaps we won't have to do quite so much fighting. Maybe things won't be so tumultuous after all.

Want to learn more about the mermaidens and their leader, Xerxa? You'll have to wait for the Three Wizards Chronicles Book 3: Pure Magic. But in the meantime, check out what you've missed in Books 1 and 2.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Nikko mentioned we wouldn't have to protect the Realm of Magic all by ourselves, and he's right. I recently learned there are elves in the Realm of Magic. They inhabit the lands of earth magic, the thick forests that exist in the Province of Light. They live up in the trees mostly, moving around silently and swiftly.

I was out exploring when one decided to finally introduce himself to me. It seems they're a little shorter than I am, and they have these slightly pointy ears. They tend to be excellent hunters, trackers, and archers. Apparently, they live forever, unless they get killed in battle.

Their leader is a woman named Alanna Silverblade. She's their Chieftess. Her husband, Aiden, was killed in the last big cataclysmic battle for the realm millennia ago, and she's been leading the elves by herself ever since. I've met her, though I have to say I'm not so sure about her. She doesn't seem to ever be in a very good mood. She's always so serious, she never smiles, and she doesn't have much of a sense of humor. She reminds me a bit of Nikko when he first brought us to Cloudline years ago. He didn't have much of a sense of humor then, either. He was so afraid we'd get ourselves killed that he wouldn't let his guard down. But he got better over time, and maybe Alanna will too.

Alanna Silverblade and the elves will play an important role in the Three Wizards Chronicles Book 3: Pure Magic. While you wait, check out Books 1 and 2 on Amazon.