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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Biding My Time

The wizards have gone back to Cloudline, spending the bulk of their time in the Realm of Magic. It seems they have learned about a myriad of wonders there they never knew existed. Oh, to be able to see some of them! But instead, I am stuck inside the natural world. My dead magic spark would permit me to travel to the Realm of Magic, but I would appear inside the Province of the Dead. And as I've said, thanks but no thanks.

In the meantime, though, there are plenty of things to do here. I will be working with Jeanine and Liam, two of the Historians of the Sentinels, to update the Chronicles, the written record as observed by normals over the years. It seems there is a lot of misinformation in there, and I may be able to correct some of that.

And unfortunately, I will need to see about replacing Stanley and Tasha. The two of them have decided to leave the Sentinels. Stanley, having been corrupted by dead magic, needs a break for a while. I can appreciate his feelings about that. I remember when I became a zombie lackey for Jhophes. It was not a pleasant feeling in the least. So, while I wish the two of them the very best, it means our Advocates are short two people. We'll have to see how we can fill that gap.

Cassie, of course, wishes she could go to the Realm of Magic to see all the wonders Nikko has experienced. I am not certain what the future will hold for the two of them. It seems there is a magical wall separating them now - Cassie, stuck in the magical world, while Nikko gets to experience all the wonders the Realm of Magic has to offer. He comes by regularly - almost daily - but I see the sadness in Cassie's eyes when he has to return to the Realm of Magic. At some point, something has got to give.

Balthazar has a lot to accomplish leading up to the Three Wizards Chronicles Book 3: Pure Magic. While he does that, don't forget to check out Books 1 and 2.

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