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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cassie Moved In

A few days ago, Nikko revealed this interesting little artifact he created. It was a beautiful little pendant crafted by the dwarves and sparked with fire magic from Nikko.

My sisters and I were pretty impressed that our Teacher and Protector learned to create an artifact (and of course I asked him when he was going to teach me), but we were blown away when we found out what the artifact could do.

He didn't tell us about the artifact to pat himself on the back, though (I would have, but he didn't). No, he told us about it because he wanted to ask our permission to bring Cassie to the Realm of Magic, to let her live with us inside Cloudline.

The three of us stared blankly at him, wondering why on earth he would think we would have a problem with Cassie coming to Cloudline. It was me and Jolie who first tried to get Nikko and Cassie together. We wanted to see him happy, and we knew there was something there. And, of course, we were right.

We all agreed we would love to have Cassie here. She's funny, she makes Nikko laugh, and quite frankly, things are much more lighthearted with her around. Why wouldn't we want her here? And so, Cassie is going to move in with us!

Want to learn more about Cassie's experiences in the Realm of Magic? You'll have to wait for Book 3: Pure Magic. But in the meantime, learn more about her budding romance with Nikko by reading Book 2 of the Three Wizards Chronicles, on sale at Amazon.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Visit with Belana

I decided to have myself a little picnic in Unicorn Valley this week with my sisters Jolie and Reece. I really wanted to take some time getting to know a few of the unicorns. After all, I owe Belana my life. She is the Queen of the Unicorns, and she saved me when I took on too much magic inside the Hall of Wizards. If it weren't for her, I would be dead.

I find unicorns to be such fascinating creatures. They were sparked with a bit of earth, wind, and water magic, creatures designed to be the healers of the Realm. Most of them can't fly, but instead roam freely inside Unicorn Valley. And once a year, Belana travels to the natural world to tap into some of the pure magic that exists there. She uses that pure magic to replenish her healing powers. It is a connection that was established eons ago, and one that remains to this day.

Though she tried to sound optimistic about the future, Belana is worried her healing powers will be needed a lot more in the future. Though the fairies seem to be unfazed by the unification of the Realm of Magic, the unicorns are worried the reunification is the first step toward all-out war. I hope she's wrong about that, because I'd hate to see this beautiful place torn to pieces, all because Balthazar and Reece reunited the Realm of Magic.

Will Belana's concerns become reality? Find out in Book 3: Pure Magic, on sale soon. In the meantime, learn more about Belana and the unicorns by reading Three Wizards Chronicles Book 2: The Box of Death.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Dragon's Eye View

I decided to take a ride on Swiftwind the other day. In case you forgot, she is the magical white dragon that has saved our butts on several occasions. It was good to see her and to spend some time flying over the Realm of Magic.

We got to check out the beautiful blue rivers, lakes, and oceans of the Realm. We got to see the majestic forests that are home to the elves. We got to fly over the roaring fires that serve as the forges for the dwarves. And we got to see the unicorns roaming about their fields.

And all of this beauty was taken in from above, from the dragon's eye view of the Realm of Magic. It was both breathtaking and a bit overwhelming at the same time. To see the vastness of the realm laid out beneath me was something I will never forget. I've seen some beautiful scenery since I've become a wizard, but nothing compares to the beauty of this realm. I would imagine that in some ways, this is what the natural world looked like before the rise of modern civilizations. So untouched by progress that it is beyond imagination. Unfortunately, now that the creatures in the Province of the Dead are among us, I wonder how long that beauty will last.

How long will it remain pristine and untouched by war? Find out in Three Wizards Chronicles Book 3: Pure Magic, on sale soon. In the meantime, don't forget to read Books 1 and 2.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

I've Created an Artifact!

I've done it! I've created my first magical artifact! The dwarves - the blacksmiths of the Realm of Magic - provided me with some wonderful pendants to spark. The fire fairies taught me most of what I needed to learn to make it possible to spark the pendants, and then they gave me the blessing to spark them.

I know that doesn't mean much to you, but it will in a minute. The pendants now possess the power to allow normals to bridge with me from the natural world and into the Realm of Magic. And that means I can bring Cassie here to live with me. I haven't told her yet, so don't say anything. I want it to be a surprise. I told Balthazar about it, and he's going to help me arrange things. We both want to see the look on her face when she sees what's in store for her.

I can't wait to share the Realm of Magic with her. It's so full of beauty and wonder, a utopia waiting to be shared with her. And if things go well, I have four other pendants I can share with other normals. I can share the Realm of Magic with Michael and Jennifer and other members of the Sentinels.

Unfortunately, the one person with whom I can't share this gift is Balthazar. Because he still possesses a small bit of dead magic, the spark of fire magic used to create the pendants will not work on him. And that means the Realm of Magic is still off limits to him. I wish he could see this place, though. I mean, he played such a critical role in making the Realm whole once again, and yet he is unable to come and see his handiwork. Maybe in time I'll figure out a way to get him here. I haven't given up hope.

It seems Cassie will be getting the shock of her life. Let's see how it goes in Three Wizards Chronicles Book 3: Pure Magic. While you're waiting, though, check out Books 1 and 2.