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Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Visit with Belana

I decided to have myself a little picnic in Unicorn Valley this week with my sisters Jolie and Reece. I really wanted to take some time getting to know a few of the unicorns. After all, I owe Belana my life. She is the Queen of the Unicorns, and she saved me when I took on too much magic inside the Hall of Wizards. If it weren't for her, I would be dead.

I find unicorns to be such fascinating creatures. They were sparked with a bit of earth, wind, and water magic, creatures designed to be the healers of the Realm. Most of them can't fly, but instead roam freely inside Unicorn Valley. And once a year, Belana travels to the natural world to tap into some of the pure magic that exists there. She uses that pure magic to replenish her healing powers. It is a connection that was established eons ago, and one that remains to this day.

Though she tried to sound optimistic about the future, Belana is worried her healing powers will be needed a lot more in the future. Though the fairies seem to be unfazed by the unification of the Realm of Magic, the unicorns are worried the reunification is the first step toward all-out war. I hope she's wrong about that, because I'd hate to see this beautiful place torn to pieces, all because Balthazar and Reece reunited the Realm of Magic.

Will Belana's concerns become reality? Find out in Book 3: Pure Magic, on sale soon. In the meantime, learn more about Belana and the unicorns by reading Three Wizards Chronicles Book 2: The Box of Death.

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