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Sunday, June 14, 2015

And So It Has Begun...

I was over in the Province of Lightning this last week talking to Balder, the leader of the centaurs. They have been guarding the barrier separating the Province of Lightning from the Province of the Dead. Apparently, goblins have engaged in some feeble attempts to break through the barrier.

Reece posted something a long time ago about goblins and how annoying they are, and quite frankly, their level of annoyance has increased even more now that the Realm is once again united. It seems they aren't quite smart enough to figure out two things.

First, they aren't quick enough to make it to the barrier before the centaurs will drop them with their bows.

Second, even if they make it to the barrier itself, they won't be strong enough to get through it. But apparently, they have tried several times.

I may have to check with the elves guarding the barrier in the Province of Light and see if anything like this has happened over there. I guess if nothing else, it gives us something to do while we wait patiently for the next crisis affecting the Realm of Magic or the natural world. I was hoping to spend all my time with Cassie, now that she's moved in, but I guess sometimes duty calls...

The centaurs and Balder will play a prominent role in Book 3: Pure Magic. In the meantime, see what you've missing in Books 1 and 2. You can find them on Amazon.

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